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News of Lochte at the time, but said it was really a two-man race between Arie and Sean.

As we all know, Sean was selected, and ended up marrying Catherine Giudici, with the couple welcoming their first child in July 2016.

, which starred fan-favorite single mother Emily Maynard.

Arie, a professional race car driver who is the son of Indy 500 champ Arie Luyendyk, had an immediate connection with the blonde bombshell, making it all the way to the final two before Emily chose to be with Jef Holm.

Jesses half-sister Ronnie is supportive and wants the family to fully the couple.

Younger brother Tony, conquers his initial homophobia, however, resists welcoming a white man into their African-American family.

A similar post was made about Buendia only four days before this post: Again, it’s anonynmous and allegations are unsubstantiated.

That’s not to say they’re false, but if you expect people to believe this, you need to provide some actual proof.

The pair only dated for a brief time, but the relationship caused quite the stir in Bachelor Nation, given the two men had hung out a few weeks prior, with Ben tweeting Arie was a "rad dude." Oops.Deeply religious sister Evy thinks Jesse betrays the memory of their deceased parents by choosing what she considers a sinful, unnatural lifestyle.